5 Surprising Ways in which Sex Affects Your Health!

Never underestimate the power of wellbeing that comes with a thrilling sexual experience. It has been known for centuries back that sex has insanely good benefits to our health. We all know that a satisfying session in bed can be a healthy way to control the heart rate, keep your reproductive health in check, and even reduce stress levels.

However, have you wondered what effects sex has on your overall mental and physical health?

Here are 5 outstanding ways how not just regular, but mind-blowingly good sex impacts your wellbeing.

Sex Affects Your Health: Enhances Your Memory!

According to scientists, sex can improve memory in both men and women. Penetrative sex, in particular, has been proven especially fruitful for memorizing words and numbers. And, while sex might not restore your memory entirely, it will surely stimulate the creation of new neurons in the brain.

Winds You Down!

And that’s a great thing! After sex, the body and brain engage in relaxation mode, which can result in a higher feeling of sleepiness. Science notes that part of your brain, also known as the prefrontal cortex, is responsible for allowing your body and brain to relax by producing oxytocin and serotonin, two of the most essential feel-good hormones.

Sex Affects Your Health: Calms the Nerves!

Ever noticed how much having sex can do for your stress triggers? Sex counts as one of the healthiest physical activities (yes, sex is an exercise) that can put you into immediate calmness. The calming effects are usually a result of the oxytocin levels produced in the body. As a result of penetrative sex, oxytocin can also regulate your blood pressure and replenish your energy.

Can Cause the Blues!

On some occasions, the aftermath of sex can result in feeling blue for no apparent reason. Usually, this has to do with having incredibly pleasurable sex and the realization it has to finish. However, science explains the after-sex blues are nothing to fear, as they basically make you miss good sex more.

Sex Affects Your Health: Works Like a Drug!

Just like candy, sex gives us a sense of fulfillment that is incomparable with any other form of satisfaction. Because of this thrill at the idea of sex, people can find it sex quite addictive. Nothing should be done excessively, we all know that, and neither does sex, especially when you want to recall how good it felt the last time.

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