8 Exercises for a High-Quality Sex Life!

You may not be a fan of working out, but if you want a saucier, more satisfying sex life, physical activity is the key. Whether you hit the gym, run in the park, or swim at the pool, physical engagement can improve your overall sexual performance.

For gentlemen who are looking to revive their bedroom skills, focus on doing these 8 fabulous exercises.


Doing cardio doesn’t mean high intensity, and if you are not a fan of climbing stairs, you can get it from an hour of doing yoga. Nevertheless, cardio will drastically amplify your stamina, sexual endurance, and arousal.


According to Harvard studies, male and female swimmers in their 60s have much better sex lives than non-swimmers in their 20s. Swimming expands your agility, flexibility, and lungs, which in bed translates to longer, more dynamic, and more versatile sex.

Core and Abs

Without working on your core or abs, you’ll likely find switching positions in bed more challenging. But, when you build your abs and core, you can expect to feel stronger and physically prepared to get into the naughtiest sex exhibitions.

Frog Pose

A great position often done in yoga is Frog pose, which can be done with or without additional weight. Frog pose doesn’t just make you more flexible (especially in the hips, where it counts), it also reduces your levels of stress, which is exactly what you need when having sex.


Suitable for both men and women to do, Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor, protect the urinary tract, and prevent premature ejaculation in men. Easy to do anyplace, these simple squeezing exercises will keep your sexual health and performance in shape.


Ideal as exercises and as a form of foreplay even, the cat-cow exercises focus on stabilizing your balance, spine motion, and overall flexibility in sex. If you want a good stretch before rumbling between the sheets, do some cat-cows to awaken your body.

Pelvic Thrust

Beneficial for obvious reasons, the pelvic thrust can strengthen your core, abs, buttocks, and of course, pelvis. Whenever you feel out of shape, a few pelvic thrusts will help you keep your energy and endurance high.


Make that couple jogging, if you can. Being active in the company of a woman, whether your partner or a date, can be a great way to bond, improve your blood flow and get excited for all sexy things that will follow.

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