Want a Steamier Role-Play Sex? Try These 4 Tips!

One of the biggest benefits of enjoying versatile and flamboyant sex is the chance to become the persona you want. Role-play has long represented one of the kinkiest, most fetish-oriented practices in sex, and it is clear why. Rich in options, unexpectedly hot, and so far out of your comfort zone, engaging in role-playing in bed is a dream come true for those looking for new experiences.

Yes, role-play can seem a tad uncomfortable to get into at first. But, by practicing these 4  hot tips, we promise, your sex life will get a whole lot more intriguing!

Role-Play Sex: Kinky or Not?

Just because you are doing role-play during sex, it doesn’t mean you always be the kinkiest version of your character. For those who like their sexy role-play paced and elaborate, you can drop the kinky and go for the sensual and arousing. On some occasions, role-play scenarios are mostly based on power- giving it or receiving it.

If that’s the case with you, you would enjoy a hot teacher-student or officer-suspect scenario. However, if you don’t like to get power involved, you can play with many characters that don’t require the kinky aspect. Some of our favorite role-play ideas include doctor-patient, best friends hooking up for the first time, and girl-next-door or guy-next-door fantasies.

Dressing Up is Optional!

Another thing that has become a misconception about role-playing is that you have to specifically dress up for it. Well, that’s simply not true. In role-play, you can pull off many characters without having the costume for it. As sexuality and role-play are mostly about having the proper attitude, skills, and character, clothes make little difference when it comes to pleasure.

In many cases, having the right costume can give your role-play scenario a livelier, more realistic feel. But, that’s not necessarily what pleasure is about. You can actually start role-playing even when wearing your pajamas, and as soon as you do, the woman next to you will get the hint.

Don’t Take Away from Your Imagination!

A key goal of role-playing is to fulfill your secret fantasies. Sharing your personal, role-play desires might not be the easiest thing in the world, it’s true. However, it is very necessary as it helps you improve your overall sexual wellbeing and inner satisfaction.  

Role-Play Sex: Do It with an Escort!

If you want to go with role play but keep the experience under the radar, trying it with an escort date is your greatest fit. Escorts know how to fire up your bed, and will happily wear all sexy costumes for your pleasure. Plus, they’ll keep your date discreet and even if things don’t work out, you can always call it quits and move to the next available escort. 

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