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Leeds Escort Jobs

Would you like to work as an escort in Leeds or Yorkshire? Look no further than the Leeds escort agency and apply for a position today!

As a reliable and professional escort agency, Leeds VIP is always looking to improve and boost their escort services and gallery. For that reason, we have created our very own hiring section, where interested ladies can apply to become a leading escort date!

What Are We Looking for?

The Leeds VIP escort centre is always interested in hiring the best ladies in town, whether professionals or absolute escort beginners! To become one of our top-quality dates, Leeds Escorts VIP requires all applicants to:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Be allowed to work within the UK, or specifically the wider Leeds and Yorkshire area
  • Obtain a valid part-time or full-time visa to work in the UK (for non-natives)
  • Be presentable, elegant, creative and open-minded in the company of clients

Have you checked all the boxes? Great, let’s talk about your application next!

How to Become a Leading Leeds Escort?

All ladies who like to work as a professional escort at the Leeds VIP escort agency can apply directly on our official website. To apply, please fill out our hiring form and attach a photo of yourself to the application. As soon as you submit your form, our team will process it and contact you with further information.

If we believe you are a great fit for our agency, we will schedule an additional interview and ultimately, offer you a position as an escort! No worries, once you are selected, our team will schedule your first professional photo session and provide all escort recruits with the necessary training!

Regarding your application, please know the Leeds escort centre keeps all your information private and protected. To see how our agency uses your data, please download the form below!

Leeds VIP is looking forward to hearing from you!

How we use your data

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