How to Find Secret Pleasure with Sex Positions?

Despite the wide variety of sex positions to try, we often tend to go back to some of our all-time favorites. And while going back to the basics in sex is pleasurable and fulfilling; sometimes doing the same position over and over again can become mundane.

But, as sexologists put it, even the most common of sex positions can be upped and used to serve new ways of erotic pleasure. Below, let’s discuss some of the most popular sex positions and ways to spice them up when needed.

Secret Pleasure with Sex Positions: Missionary!

Missionary is all about finding the right angle, closeness, and taking charge of your thrusting speed. However, if you want to boost the pleasure that comes with missionary; instead of leaning over the woman, position yourself on all fours and penetrate as slow as possible. To add even more thrill to the position, you can use a vibrating sex toy, such as a ring or a massager.

Doggy Style!

Doggy style is one of the most effective sex positions when you want to stimulate the G-spot. Even done ‘by the book’ the position can be quite satisfactory. But, if you want a more pleasurable take on the doggy position, try extending your legs straight instead of keeping them bent. Also, for more comfort, bring in the comfy pillows. 

Secret Pleasure with Sex Positions: Low Doggy!

Another option to enhance the pleasure of your doggy style position is to get even lower than all fours. Namely, ask the woman to support herself on her elbows instead of feet; whereas you can squat in the same position instead of kneeling. This way, you’ll have more room to move and by widening your hips, you are bound to feel that electric pleasure everywhere.


The 69 is not favored by many couples, as it is usually trickier to get into it and actually enjoy it without feeling squished. To change that and finally find the pleasure in a 69; position yourselves on your sides, an