6 Sex Toys You Already Have at Home!

If sex toys are your thing, you don’t always have to get shopping to find what you are looking for. Instead, have a look around your household, and we guarantee you will find more than one item that perfectly serves as a sex toy as well.

If you are a creative one and like to do things a bit differently without spending big bucks on big fancy toys, here are 6 Sex Toys You Already Have at Home!

Neck Ties!

There is something about neckties that screams elegance, rawness, and sex. Neckties make a superb sex toy that can be used in more ways than one. For instance, a necktie can be a great replacement for a blindfold, or it can be used as a bind. In addition, if you are feeling raunchier, you can also fold your necktie in half and use it as a lighter whip.

Sex Toys You Already Have at Home: Belts!

Much like neckties, belts also have many purposes in bed. However, belts are designed to be more intense and are more often used during BDSM sessions. And while a belt wouldn’t work as a blindfold, it can certainly be a great alternative to handcuffs, whips, collars and neck leashes.


Yes, we are talking about regular kitchen spoons and how you can turn them into your own personal sex massager. Instead of using your fingers to masturbate, use a spoon, applying round motions or soft slaps against your erogenous zones. In addition, you can also place a spoon in the freezer for a few minutes and use it to play with temperature stimulation.

Sex Toys You Already Have at Home: Shower Heads!

Removable showerheads will give you the same effect as vibrators. If you have a removable shower head in your shower, let the splash of warm water tease and massage you, all the way to your orgasm. Some showerheads have adjustable settings, so if you are not a fan of spraying water, you can go for a single waterfall splash


Soft and tense enough, spatulas are the ideal spanking tool. Before you hit the serious spanking toys, try using a plastic spatula instead. Make sure you keep the spatula clean and washed both before and after using it.

Sex Toys You Already Have at Home: Scrunchies!

If you never considered using scrunchies in your sex games, you will definitely enjoy playing with them now. Scrunchies can serve as great binds for the hands or feet, but they also work as the ideal cock rings. Before using it as such, though, choose a scrunchie that is elastic and comfortable enough to wear.

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