4 Reasons for Having a Friend with Benefits!

It seems like an ideal scenario, and it can be, depending on what you are looking for! No, we are no talking about your soul mate, but finding that one friend that seems like the best person to have casual sex with. Having a friend with benefits is a widely popularized scenario, and there are a lot of things to love about it.

From the fact that you are having sex with someone you know and trust to experimenting in any way you want, here are 4 perks of having a friend with benefits at your disposal.

Friend with Benefits: You Know This Person!

Instead of feeling first-time shyness or reservation, with a friend, sex seems much more easygoing. And it is! One of the biggest advantages of having casual sex with your friend is that you don’t have to stress yourself overdoing it right. You know this person just enough to be yourself around them, and you are certain there’ll be no passing judgment or criticizing. Because, ultimately, sex should be fun, comfortable and arousing.

No Need for Emotions!

If your friend is on the same side as you, you can manage to maintain a solid and drama-free sexual relationship with them. Unlike in other relationships, with a friend you trust, you will hardly feel jealous, threatened or in love, as you already know the nature of your get-togethers. And, if you are not looking for anything serious or emotional, a friends-with-benefits scenario can come quite in handy.

You Always Have a Friend!

Regardless of how long your ‘beneficial’ relationship lasts, you can count on having a friend after. That is one of the best things about having sex with a friend- you’ll never have to wonder what it would be like, and you get to keep your ‘original’ relationship as well. Of course, before attempting this idea at all, have an honest conversation about how to keep things normal even after your hot sessions end.

Friend with Benefits: You Can Practice and Experiment!

If there was something you have always wanted to try during sex, you can do it free of guilt with your friend with benefits. Being keen on trying the friends-with-benefits concept is all about keeping it fun, exciting and new, which when combined, will give you a great experience for all your future relationships. If there was the perfect occasion to knock yourself out and experiment in bed, this is it.  

Source: https://herway.net/relationship/sex-with-friends-the-10-biggest-secrets-no-one-will-tell-you/

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