Top 6 Apps to Boost Your Sex Life!

What constitutes a great sex life? Aside from intimacy, connection and chemistry, sex is also about staying curious, open-minded and versatile. If the latter is not your forte, you can easily fix the issue and work on your sex drive from a whole new angle.

With the arrival of technology, it shouldn’t be shocking to learn that there are plenty of online resources to help you become a better lover. In fact, nowadays, there are many useful Apps to boost your sex-life, and below we list 6 of them.

Dirty Gam, Hot Truth or Dare

Designed as a hot game, this sexy app will have you playing all night long! The app features plenty of naughty truth-or-dare questions, from the simplest to the dirtiest. In addition, this app game is perfect as foreplay and will ensure a hot date night!

Apps to Boost Your Sex Life: Kindu!

This app is a great addition to your assembly of sex toys and offers many ways for couples to try something new in bed. The app works sort of like Tinder, but has a sexy twist, where you swipe through your hot options and decide what gets your juices flowing.


This particular apps is great if you have app-operated vibrators you want to experiment with. OhMiBod enables you control your or your partner’s pleasure from afar and in 5 different modes, too. As a plus, the app has its own log system, where you can count your orgasms and potentially break the record.

Apps to Boost Your Sex Life: Desire!

A versatile and abundant sex app, Desire is all about playing countless hot games with your partner. If you are a competitive and playful individual, Desire will offer you a handful of dares to send your partner, and will keep the erotic tension alive and kicking.


Nowadays, you don’t have to actually own the Kamasutra book to try out all sex positions in it. With the iKamaustra app, you can determine the ideal sex position for you, and select the level of intensity, complexity and strength you desire. With over 110 available positions to try, the app is bound to keep your sexual excitement in check.

Pleasure Machine

If you are a fan of slot machine, this sexy game app will provide you with the erotic spin you need. The Pleasure Machine is a great app to use as it offers plenty of options and possibilities to get in the sexy zone. Even better, the app allows you to customize your own pleasure machine, and take your sexual thrill out for a spin!


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