5 Positions to Help You Last Longer in Bed!

Lasting longer in bed does not always have to be due to a sexual issue. Sometimes, men crave to last longer in bed so they can make their partner happier with raunchier foreplay. Other times, it just so happens that you simply wish to enjoy sex for longer.

But, how do you make it happen?

Aside from playing with tempo and control, some sex positions can also come in handy when you want to prolong your bedroom experience. And here are 5 of the most effective positions Last Longer in Bed.

Last Longer in Bed: The Cross!

In this position, the man lies sideways while the woman is on her back, with her legs over the man’s hip. Looking at the position from above, your bodies should form a cross sign or a ‘plus’. Although it might require some adjustment, the position allows the man to engage in a deeper, yet controlled penetration, with limited motion options, perfect for a delayed orgasm.  


The spooning position can be cheesy to many couples, but it truly helps keep your orgasm in control for a longer time. You know the drill, both of you lie on your sides, and you can choose whether to face each other or not. The penetration should be delicate and easygoing, as should the tempo. It’s true, grinding can be just as fun as dynamic sex.

Last Longer in Bed: Doggy!

While doggy style is a real hot trigger for men, you can modify it to make it work for a longer time. First, engage in a regular doggy position, and once penetration begins, have your partner lie all the way down on her belly. With this, you won’t have the deepest penetration, but you will have total control of how long you want the thrill to last.


There are many seated sex positions you can try, but this particular one is definitely effective enough to keep you going. For the position, have a seat on the bed and cross your legs in front of you. Your partner should straddle you from the top, sitting nicely in your lap. Here, you don’t have the classic penetration tempo, but you can rock back and forth and enjoy the little things that make sex intimate.

Last Longer in Bed: Woman on Top!

Also known as the cowgirl, this position will make you last longer by solely letting your partner take control. When on top, she can choose to go slowly or in circles, thus bringing you right on the edge of an orgasm, but not quite there.

Source: https://www.durex.com.au/tips/positions/5-sex-positions-to-help-him-last-longer-in-bed/

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