9 Things to Do If You Find It Hard to Orgasm (vol.1)

If we were to trust sex in movies, an orgasm would be the easiest thing to experience. However, in real-life scenarios, orgasms take work, especially for women. Building an orgasm can be a matter of outing in the effort, but even so, not all people manage to orgasm in the end.

So, what do you do when the build-up is there, but the execution is not?

Here are 9 Things to Do If You Find It Hard to Orgasm.

A Worriless Approach!

First and foremost, don’t get to thinking you are unable to reach an orgasm at all. Even if masturbating doesn’t help you do it, orgasms are not always related to a health or emotional issue. Sometimes, our bodies need extra stimulation to respond to the arousal, so keeping the faith of reaching orgasm is a must.

Find It Hard to Orgasm: Lubricant!

Ever since lubricants gained the attention they deserved, orgasms seemed more possible to reach. Using a lubricant during sex is very important, as it arouses the skin even more than just regular wetness. On top of it all, there are many kinds of lubricants you can try, depending on how intense and fun you want your foreplay to be.


Just trying for an orgasm will likely get you nowhere. If you really want to create that special arousal, it is wise that you combine several actions at once. Namely, if your partner is struggling to orgasm, don’t just rely on oral sex, but get your whole attitude in place. You know how hot kisses, soft bites and sexy slaps work, right?

Find It Hard to Orgasm: No Alcohol!

Alcohol could be a major reason as to why you cannot orgasm. Alcohol impacts the nervous system, and the more you drink, the number you become. Once your senses are out the door, it is unlikely you will find the orgasmic thrill you were hoping for. Aside from alcohol, another reason for a no-show orgasm could be the overuse of meds, especially those helping you with stress and anxiety.

A Quickie to Precede!

Instead of hoping for an orgasm on your first try, have a quickie in the morning and followed by sensual sex in the evening. By making love before making love again, you will relax the muscles, enhance the blood flow and accustom your body to the feel of sex. In turn, you can expect a greater sexual thrill the second time around, and a greater chance for an orgasm.

Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/all-about-sex/201801/if-someone-takes-forever-reach-orgasm

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