Things to Do If You Find It Hard to Orgasm (vol.2)

Whenever sex is on the menu, we all secretly hope for that juicy, outstanding orgasm. Yet, for some people, Find it hard to orgasm and no matter how sexy your foreplay is, sometimes an orgasm escapes you without a reason.

But, unless we are talking about a medical or an emotional issue, struggling to reach orgasm can be easily solved. Below, we list 4 more tips that can help you orgasm more often, even when trying hard for it.

Find It Hard to Orgasm: Solo Time!

The best way to learn all about what makes you orgasm is to masturbate. Masturbation is a healthy practice that connects you to your sexier side, and through self-touch and self-stimulation, you can uncover a lot you never knew. If masturbation is nothing new to you, make it feel new by taking a longer time doing it. So, get comfortable with yourself, take your clothes off and indulge in some naughty fantasies- you need it!

Sounds and Visuals!

It is interesting how sounds and visuals make sex better and more exciting. If you are fishing for an orgasm, don’t be shy to explore your dirty talk and your moaning skills. If you need an extra push, you can watch yourself in the mirror and allow the visual image to take you closer to your next orgasm. In case you are not a natural talker or screamer, teach yourself how to do both in a paced manner first.

Find It Hard to Orgasm: Rhythm!

A great way to explore your orgasms is to apply enough dynamics in your foreplay and sex play. Namely, if you opt for clitoral stimulation, switch up rhythms and intensity, until you hit all the right spots. If, on the other hand, you are engaging in sex, adjust your position just enough for you to find that right angle that stimulates the G-spot.    


Craving an orgasm is one thing, but expecting it to just happen out of the blue can be a bit farfetched. Instead of hoping for an orgasm, don’t hesitate to instruct your partner on what to do and how to do it. Additionally, if you have a few dirty fantasies or kinks, share them with your partner and see if trying them will actually help get you off.

Although orgasms are not the essence of great sex, their absence can feel like a failure to many. If you are facing this problem for a longer time and cannot seem to deal with it, seeking professional sex therapy might answer your doubts.


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