Isolation Top Sex Tips!

Oh, we know, you are stuck at home in isolation, trying to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak. We get it, it is a less than a fortunate situation, but definitely an important one. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should be bored out of your mind while staying in. In fact, this isolation period might be the perfect excuse to hit the bedroom and get sexy in more than one way.

Sure enough, if both you and your partner are healthy and ready to go, here Isolation Top Sex Tips.  

A Remote Control Vibrator

Remote control vibrators are the perfect teasing toy for a wild night between the sheets. But, even out of them, you can wear a toy together with your partner and give each other insatiable pleasure all day long.

Isolation Top Sex Tips: Anal Play!

When bored, give anal play a chance! When we say anal play, we mean doing anything that excites you about it. Whether it is fingering, a prostate massage, pegging or a rim job, anal play won’t leave you bored. And just like you enjoy it, make sure your partner gets her fair share of satisfaction, too!


Initiating sex doesn’t have to be a matter of resistance or reservation. When you initiate sex, it doesn’t mean you are the only one wanting it, and what’s more, your partner might be grateful for taking charge and knowing how to please her.   

Isolation Top Sex Tips: CBD!

It is a known fact that CBD can help the body relax, so it can be a great addition to your bedroom. There are many CBD-based products to choose from, and when it comes to sex, you can always go for massage oils, an arousal gel or a nice CBD-infused lube.

Make-Up Sex!

Come on, it is isolation time, so frequent arguments are practically inevitable. However, this is the ideal time to learn the beauty of make-up sex and practice it as much as possible. If you crave a greater experience, instead of making-up the nice way; have raunchy, mid-argument sex and let your tension reflect in the bedroom!

Isolation Top Sex Tips! Use the Home Gym!

There are many ways to repurpose your gym equipment for sex purposes. For instance, if you have a bar at home, allow your partner to grab on it; while you support her legs and rock her world! Another great idea to try is using a Pilates ball and come up with a handful of creative positions to have sex in!  


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