9 Creative Ways to Give Your Sex Life a Hot Zest!

Keeping your sex life fresh and dynamic is one of the biggest secrets of never getting fed up with it. Dull or routine sex can be quite straining on a relationship, regardless of how much you enjoy the idea of having it. Of course, it would be illogical to think that sex will always be versatile and creative, but luckily, there are many give your sex life a hot zest!

If you are big on experimenting with all the fun angles of sex, here are 4 more tips that will keep the mood right.

Give Your Sex Life a Hot Zest: Shaving!

Smooth, silky skin makes sex more enjoyable, yes, but when you make shaving a mutual practice, the thrill can be even bigger. If you have never shaved your partner before, or vice versa, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn just how erotic this seemingly simple act can be. The ideal way to get into the shaving practice is to do it right before sex, so your genitalia and skin are super-sensitive right after. As an option, you can take the shaving to the bathtub or shower, thus also making the most of your foreplay. 


Using surgical gloves in bed is a very innovative way of finding erotic pleasure. You can use rubber gloves for a number of sexy purposes, including for a handjob, clitoral stimulation, and fingering. When used with a solid dose of lubricant, rubber gloves heighten the touch and leave an erotic sensation that feels just right against the skin. In terms of versatility, rubber gloves can be ideal for back-door play, as they keep everything clean and mess-free, while also adding enough amount of sliding.

Double-Sided Toys

A great way to boost the quality of your sex life is to get out of your comfort zone and try something unexpected. This is where double-side dildos make a great sex toy to experiment with for both partners. A two-sided dildo is perfect for many sexy uses, including double penetration for your partner, a simultaneous penetration for both you (yes, you!) and your partner, and as a toy that can be used as both a penetrative tool on one hand and a blow job toy on the other.

Give Your Sex Life a Hot Zest: Voyeurism!

Nowadays, the talk of sex has progressed so much that you can actually watch people having it in front of an audience. A great way to start your foreplay, pause all your bedroom activities and attend a sex workshop or an adult event. Adult sex parties don’t always mean you will have to partake, but if you are up for the task, you can easily go from voyeurism to participation.

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