5 Spicy Tricks to Make You the Master of Oral!

Let me start by saying, most women, if not all, love oral sex. They love getting it and giving it, but especially getting it. Now, if you haven’t been the most generous lover lately, you are missing out on ways to really make your partner crave you in bed. But, that’s all about to change, as we are about to serve you with some much-needed oral sex knowledge.

Going down on a woman should be exciting, anticipating and rewarding, and to get just that, here are 5 Master of Oral tips.

Master of Oral: Sweet Talk!

Giving compliments when going down on your partner is essential. Making sounds as well as telling her how good she tastes will get her closer to an orgasm than she’s ever been. Talk and moan at the same time if you can handle it, women just love a man who likes to get dirty and flirty at the same time.

Go Easy

Taught by clumsy adult movies, most men think that hard and on-point is the way to go when giving oral. This is wrong. Keep in mind that the clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, and to women, this can feel either ticklish or too sensitive. Therefore, you should pace yourself and dive in slowly and elaborately…the time to rush will come on its own.

Add a Little Something Extra!

Yes, oral is great and all, but while at it, make use of your hands, too. You can always use your tongue and work the nipples with your fingers, or you can even take the experience to some backside action. The best way to guess what works for your partner aside from your mouth on her is to explore her body one part at a time and enjoy yourself in the process.

Master of Oral: Penetration!

Oral doesn’t have to be all about your head stuck between your partner’s legs. You can take breaks from your affairs down below and engage in penetration for a bit. Keep the intention of going back down alive, as you will want to repeat this process until your partner screams your name.

Film It!

Usually, it is not the men who make the stars of homemade sex videos. But, you can be the star of yours if you want, and film yourself while orally pleasuring your partner. One of women’s go-to adult movie genres is close-up of oral sex, so you can leave her with a little reminder of how you make her feel.

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