Mind-Blowing Facts about Sex You Need to Know!

There is no doubt that sex is fascinating, both emotionally and physically. However, there is much more to learn about sex than you initially thought. From physical trivia to how-to tricks and making sex feel amazing for you, the game always offers room to grow and learn.

Without assuming you already know everything about it, here are some incredible Facts about Sex You Need to Know!

Almost 10 Percent of Our Dreams Include Sex

Without wanting to, we make sex part of our dreams and in return, it makes us feel good and relaxed. Studies on sex found that almost 10 percent of our dreams have a sexual aspect, and while women dream about celebrities or their former lovers, man dream about having multiple partner sex.

Facts about Sex You Need to Know: Women Have Erections!

All women have erections just like men do because the clitoris is made of the same nerve-endings the penis has. Just like penises expand and engorge when aroused, so does the clitoris and you can experiment with this by simply touching the delicate hotspot.

A Headache Gets You in the Mood for Sex Faster

As unbelievable as it sounds, a headache can help you feel more open to having sex. A study in the field showed a tight correlation between sexual desire and migraines and headaches, meaning they might all be influenced by the same chemical.

Size Doesn’t Stretch the Vagina 

And neither does girth. As much as the legend says that bigger penises can loosen a vagina, that is just not the case. The vagina is made up of flexing and adjustable muscles which contract and go back to their original shape once sex is over.

Facts about Sex You Need to Know: The G-spot Exists!

Well, not technically, The G-spot is a highly sensitive place inside the vagina that responds to erotic stimulation a lot. However, the G-spot is not located in the same spot in every woman, meaning if you want to find it you will need to do some ‘digging’.

Pleasure Has to Do with Thickness, not Length

There you go, your question has been answered! Erotic pleasure has nothing to do with the length of a penis, but it might have to do with girth. Namely, the vagina is coated in mechanoreceptors, which are easier stimulated with a thicker penis than a longer one. We’ll rest our case here.

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