Mind-Blowing Facts about Sex You Need to Know! (Vol 2)

Knowing facts about sex is impossible, given the fluidity and complexity the activity is. As delightful and enjoyable sex is, there are still many ways to make it better and spice it up. The most practical advice on having great sex comes from both study findings and personal experiences, and when it comes to sex, we only hit the tip of the iceberg.

Want to get more knowledgeable on sex and everything revolving it? Here are 13 more sex facts you never knew before!

Fancy Condoms are a Myth!

Ribbed condoms, flavored condoms, spikey condoms…the options are endless but the results are rarely there. If you have in mind that some surgical procedures on the vagina are done without the need for anesthesia, then the idea of ‘pleasure boosting’ condoms seems almost ridiculous.

More Thrusts Doesn’t Mean a Better Performance!

Forget everything adult movies have ever taught you and keep your sex thrusts steady, instead of bewildering. Harder thrusts don’t mean that your partner is enjoying herself more, but deliberate and rhythmic movements do. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you- dynamic sex is important but repetitive push-and-pull patterns are so yesterday.  

Facts about Sex You: No-Ejaculation Orgasms are Real!

Most men don’t know that they are well able to have an orgasm without ejaculating, but it is the truth! In most cases, the orgasm comes seconds before the ejaculation, and by learning to master the two actions, men can teach themselves to orgasm without creating a mess.

Better Work Performance is a Result of Good Sex!

If you want to have a better performance at work, have more sex! As it turns out, a quality sex life can boost the work engagement and make you more focused on work, prosperity and of course, making money.

Low Libido Happens to Men and Women!

Low libido is equally typical for men and women Most of the time, many believe that women are the ones who lack the desire to have sex, but men suffer from it as well. Hormonal issues, emotional hurdles or stress triggers can all result in low libido, and while it can impact your sex life, it is not an unfixable problem.

Facts about Sex You: Breakup Sex Can be Good!

Although we are led to believe that breakup sex is unhealthy and self-destructive, studies suggest otherwise. One study found that breakup sex helps find closure in the relationship and allows both partners to move on more easily.

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