Mind-Blowing Facts about Sex You Need to Know! (Vol 3)

The secret of having great sex is learning as much as you can about it and then, translate it to the bedroom. What is there to know about sex that you haven’t already discovered? Here are 7 incredible facts about sex to learn today!

Seniors Have the Best Sex!

Despite the assumption that not many older couples enjoy the merits of sex, studies show otherwise. Seniors are quite active in the bedroom and their year-long experience helps them have really good sex indeed! Even more, if you want to keep your sexy on even when older (and why shouldn’t you?), together with your desire, also keep your physical and emotional health in check.

Facts about Sex: Toys are Still Unregulated!

Yes, we all like the idea of using sex toys in the bedroom, but did you know that sex toys have never been regulated by federal laws? Sex toys are not medical devices and are not supported medically to improve the sexual drive in couples, and yet, we all rely on them to give our sex lives a boost. However, as sex toys are still unregulated, you must keep an eye on the type of toy you buy and its purpose, otherwise, you can end up with second-grade toys made of some ‘iffy’ materials. 

Masturbating Make the Idea of Partner Sex Impossible!

Typically when we masturbate, we like doing it in a certain kind of way. You know, we like a certain kind of pressure, speed, intensity, etc. However, when you get to having sex with a partner, you might find it difficult to adjust to their rhythm. Because of that, you might also struggle to orgasm as fast as you do when you are alone. 

Sex Organs Make Only 10 Percent of Erogenous Zones!

Contradictory to our belief that the biggest sexual pleasure can be acquired through stimulating the vagina or penis, these two account for only 10 percent of all erogenous zones our body has. Interestingly, the human body can be one big erogenous zones, so instead of only giving your privates some TLC, try exploring other parts you might have neglected.

You Might Not Know If You Have an STD!

STDs don’t always manifest with visible symptoms, which means you could be suffering from an STD and not know it. The best way to stay on the healthy side, however, is to get regularly checked and keep your sex adventures safe.

Wearing Two Condoms is a Bad Idea!

One condom can get you far more protected than wearing two. In fact, wearing two condoms at once can cause one or two of the condoms to break or slip off, whereas one condom and a contraceptive pill should be just enough to keep you safe.

Facts about Sex: Pubic Hair Causes Rug Burns!

Not the prettiest thing, we know, but untamed or freshly groomed public hair can lead to rug burns, which happen as a result of all the sexy skin rubbing. How to avoid rug burns? Keep your shaving sessions regular and don’t have sex when you are fresh out of waxing! 

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