First Time Escort Date: The Tips You Need!

If you have never dated an escort before, you are likely contemplating how it would all go. Well, first, let’s define what dating an escort means. When you book an escort date, you get a professional company for however long you need it. Aside from the girlfriend experience, you can also travel with your escort; stay over at a hotel, take your dates to town, and discover intimate pleasure like never before!

Now, as much as you love the idea of having all this; going on your first time escort date might turn out to be a bit uncomfortable. Don’t worry, nerves get even the best of us. However, we do want you to enjoy your first time escort date as a whole; so here are a few things to know about dating for the first time.

Overcoming Shyness!

Being reserved around your escort is just spending time in vain. The nature of your first date is to get to know one another; so go in with all your curiosity, manners, and pizzazz. Escorts want to be the best date you will find, so give them the chance to put you at ease. Answer their questions, respond to their teases, and flirt back- basically, do all those good things. The more you get to know each other, the better your dating life will become, and the more you’ll explore the benefits that come with the experience.  

First Time Escort Date: Closing the Deal!

What happens when you want some alone time with your escort? Do a hotel room and nice bedding sound good? But, wait. How do you actually have ‘the talk’? Well, the best way, as per many escorts, is to offer two alternatives and see which one works the best. If you don’t like being as blunt, you can simply invite your escort over to your house or hotel room, instead of just asking right off the bat.

Don’t Stigmatize Sex!

It’s sad but true, many of the clients that date escorts have a tough time expressing themselves in bed. But, escorts want to try new things and make you happy; so allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure as it comes. If you don’t enjoy certain things, let your escort know in due time, just to avoid confusion.


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