6 Ways How Orgasms Benefit Your Health!

The culmination of your sexual arousal, or the orgasm, is a mighty force of pleasure that never goes unappreciated. Everyone loves a good O, and it turns out, the more you have them, the better you’ll feel. Aside from the sense of accomplishment and self-indulgence that comes with feeling sexualy satisfied, there are many other benefits to having one.

Below, let’s discuss the 9 ways in which orgasms keep your health optimal- emotionally and physically.

Orgasms Can Help Venting Stress!

Orgasms are a superb tool to help you reduce everyday stress. According to a study done in 2000, 39 percent of 2,632 tested subjects showed that they easily come down after having ejaculation. The answer to this has to do with the boost of oxytocin, a hormone inducing pleasantness, and relaxation.

Satisfaction with Your Partner!

German researchers carried out an experiment in 2012, testing how oxytocin helps men who want to leave their partners or spouses. The subjects who took oxytocin then met an attractive woman but decided to stand farther from her than subjects who didn’t take the hormone. Long story short? Orgasms keep men satisfied with their partner, which is why they don’t feel the need to be unfaithful.

Orgasms Can Help With Insomnia Issues!

People suffering from insomnia could easily fix the issue if they had an orgasm before bed. According to a book in the field, almost 32 percent of women admitted using the big O as a way to fall asleep faster and easier. The answer to how sexual arousalvhelp insomniacs are still unclear, but many scientists assure it has to do with the release of endorphins, which sometimes act as sedatives. 

Natural Painkillers!

Scientific evidence shows that orgasms can help alleviate the pain of all sorts. This includes arthritis pain, surgery pains, and even childbirth discomfort. The related study also showed that after having an orgasm, all subjects showed pain tolerance increase by 106.7 percent.

Orgasms Can Be An Cold Remedy!

In men, it can actually help alleviate symptoms of colds. A German study showed that the arousal in the subjects before and during an orgasm activated the immune system. As a result, the subjects were more likely to overcome a cold faster and more efficiently.


A 1997 study, looking into the correlation between orgasms and longevity, examined 918 men aged 45 to 59. The study noted that men who orgasmed twice a week reduced their risk for suffering coronary diseases by half, compared to men who only had one orgasm per week.

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