Golden Rules of Escort Dating: A Client’s VIP Guide!

Dating an escort can be a truly exclusive and fulfilling experience for clients who know how to play their cards right. As with every other professional service, dating an escort also comes with a set of rules and regulations that work both in the client’s and escort’s favour.

If you are new to dating escorts, here is the only guide you’ll ever need to spend a fantastic date together.

Not talked about enough, consent is one of the pundits of a successful escort date. When getting down and dirty with your escort, you want to ensure she is enthusiastically consensual with your requests. The best way to discuss consent? Ask openly and explicitly.

2. Respect

Dating an escort without showing them respect is highly rude and inappropriate. Escorts are professionals in what they do and will always treat you with utter kindness and appreciation. In return, they expect the same thing from their clients, so be the great man you are and avoid crossing any lines of respect.

3. Pay in Full

When booking an escort date, you will get a through-and-through service for which you agreed to pay a certain amount. That said, ensure you always pay your escort in full, instead of bargaining on the date price and leaving the wrong impression.

4. Use Protection

Escorts meet plenty of clients weekly, so the need to stay safe and keep their health in check is heightened. With that in mind, always, always show up to your escort date equipped with condoms, and take this as your responsibility, not your date’s.

5. Use Lube

It might sound odd to advise it, but using lubricant during sex with an escort will make your experience smoother and more pleasurable. Most clients forget that escorts, much like any sex date you have, need an additional dose of stimulation, and using lube in bed always delivers that extra layer of arousal.

6. Keep It Low-Key

One of the key principles escorts have is ensuring your dates are private and discrete at all times. Just like your date goes to extra lengths to keep your affair under the radar, she is also expecting you not to brag about your experience and risk exposing her. 

7. No Photos or Videos

It might sound like a good idea to film or snap your escort date in the heat of the moment, but no matter how much you want to do it, just don’t. Come on, now, you are so much better than that. Plus, remember what we just said about privacy? Exactly.


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