Escorts Reveal: What Makes Clients Good in Bed?

How can you tell if you are good in bed or not? Well, if you have dated an escort before, chances are, you learned a thing or two along the way! Escort dating is one of the most fulfilling ways to revive your dating and sex life and to improve your lovemaking and social skills.

If you really want to put your sex performance to the test; here are 6 escort-approved indicators of being a great lover! 

A Good Listener

Listening is an essential factor in being a good lovemaker. Escorts note that clients who listen and pay attention are more likely to improve and grow their skills and; of course, pleasure their date. Listening is quite important when you date an escort (or any other date), especially if it comes to enthusiastic consent or trying something new in bed.


Once you put your listening skills to practice, you will learn how to become intuitive over time and learn what a woman wants or doesn’t want in bed. Of course; intuition and being able to read between the lines comes with practice and experience; but who better to teach you both than a professional escort date?

Show Confidence

Even if you are not the most confident person; being sexually assured will contribute to the quality of your sex life. As the sexiest trait a man can have, escorts suggest that confidence is built in time. Nevertheless, once you boost your confidence enough, you will be able to take charge of yours and your date’s pleasure. 


Creativity in sex is all about stepping outside the routine of the action. As sex is an expanded field of opportunities, a great lover will know just how to spice things up when needed. In addition, what makes a man creative in bed, escorts note is the way he experiments with lovemaking and has the door open for more and raunchier newness.

Give and Receive

When it comes to sexual pleasure, a great lover knows that his satisfaction counts just as much as his date’s. With an escort, receiving pleasure is somewhat given; but giving pleasure back is what separates the great lovers from the average ones.

Never Judge

A sexually ripe man will never judge what his escort does in the bedroom or otherwise. Instead, a fine lover will be curious to learn more about pleasure from his escort and have the understanding that professional dating is all about exploration and having fun in the meantime.


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