Ways to Let Your Escort Know You Like Her, without Saying It!

There is an immense art in being able to show affection without actually saying the words. Even so, not many men are, well, versed in communicating with an escort date - through their actions. Therefore, letting a date know that you like her can seem almost traumatic of an experience, a bolder move than necessary. However, the secret to finding peace of mind when showing affection is to learn how to do it without actually speaking.

As escorts love a good read-between-the-lines game and can tell good courting from a poor one, here are the tips to let your escort date know you like her - non-verbally.

1.Eye Contact

Maintaining strong eye contact is likely the best ace you have up your sleeve. Although it is partially intimate of a gesture, eye contact also exchanges unspoken thoughts to your escort date. By giving her your full attention, and letting your eyes do the flirting, you will show her both respect and make her feel listened to and will let her know that you are, indeed, interested in her.


A bubbly personality is what will let your escort date know that you are enjoying every minute of your date with her. When an escort helps you be better, feel better, as well as more supported, a client’s behaviour can be read from the sky. So being eager, open and welcoming with your escort will indicate your enthusiasm in spending more time in her company.


Probably the best way to let an escort know you are interested in her is to listen to what she has to say. Escorts are not dull talkers, not in the slightest, so you can expect someone whose intelligence can match yours and someone you will actually like listening to. When you listen to your escort - whether she’s telling a story or offering a tip - you show her that you like what she has to say.


A smile goes a million ways, and when dating an escort, it is the utmost non-verbal sign of affection and interest. As we tend to smile at those who make us feel good, this can be a great way to show your escort that you are having the best time with her and that she fulfils you in more ways than one.

5.More Than a Compliment

Compliments are nice and all, but if you really want to add that special touch to your mutual bond, make it a grander gesture. A flower or a box of chocolates can always do the trick, or you can actually even open up to your escort and be more specific about the way she makes you feel.