4 Means of Seduction to Put to Use When Meeting an Escort!

A booked date with a professional escort might call for some fondling and intimacy. As a client, there is no real need to ‘seduce’ an escort or have her fall for you, but knowing the hacks when it comes to what creates better chemistry between you two, can be handy. Seduction is not a game men often play, as it comes more naturally to women. However, when with an escort, you will be able to both learn the secrets of proper seduction and practice what you absorbed on the spot.

If you, on the other hand, want to show for your escort, here are 4 hot seduction tips to keep in mind.

1.Body Language

Words come and go, but seduction will always be best shown through your body language. For instance, a gentle caress on the cheek, a soft whisper in your date’s ear, and maintaining closer proximity when together will let her know that you are interested, yet far from insisting. Our body language is a powerful tool in expressing interest and desire subtly and can be a fun method to try when in your escort’s company.

2.The Wait Game

Even if you have booked an escort and have the quality service guaranteed before time, it can be really fun and helpful to enhance your seduction game - by playing the waiting game. In other words, leaving flirting teasing and seducing aside for your date will spark up more interest in your date. On one hand, she’ll appreciate you not being pushy or insisting, and on the other, it will drive her wild to learn that you can tame yourself when you really want to - and even if you don’t want to.

3.Only Positive Emotions

In seducing an escort date, negative emotions and frustration ought to be set to the side. Instead, you have to be your mystical and bubbly self and have the right manners when making subtle advancements towards your date. Sure, a sense of mystery is always an interesting angle to take, as it keeps your date engaged and interested, but anything that raises the tension - not in a good way - is best ignored.

4.Keep up a Raunchy Conversation

Without being obvious regarding your seduction skills, try to give your escort the chance to enjoy a sexy and intelligent comnversation. Sometimes, to spark up the mental seduction process you need to be verbally impressive first, and don’t think your escort won’t recognize your effort - she will, and she’ll respond to it accordingly!