6 Things to Never Say in Bed!

The art of talking during sex can be just as intriguing to learn as the art of knowing Never Say in Bed. Sex is a physical act and a pleasurable one, which means that oftentimes, words are simply redundant. Getting carried away in bed and speaking up can be a serious game spoiler, especially if you don’t choose your words right.

When it comes to talking in bed, women listen and taker notes all the time. Due to this fact, it is always wise to consider a few things you should and shouldn’t say during sex.

Sex talk aside, there are many ways for talking during sex to go oh-so-wrong. To prevent just that, here are 6 things you should never say during sex.

Come on, already

Even if you feel like the sex is dragging on forever, urging your partner to ‘speed things up’ is not the way to go. Although honesty is appreciated, no woman likes to hear her partner complain about duration or performance. If you want things to move faster, the best way to do it is by asking how you can make it happen.

Never Say in Bed: Baby Talk!

Let me start by saying…ew. While baby talk can be a fetish to some (and that’s alright as long as your partner wants it, too), women don’t appreciate a man who likes being taken care of as an infant. Nothing about baby talk sounds sexy or provocative, but you know what does? Confidence.

I'll Just Do It Myself

Handjob, rimjob, whatever it may be, don’t ever take matters in your own hands and make it heard. Women are gentle and emotional, and doing things yourself, out of frustration, can result in total sexual withdrawal on their part.

Never Say in Bed: Grab My Phone!

No, just no. Unless we are talking consensual photo taking or recording, leaves your phone out of the bedroom. After all, you wanted to have sex, not check for social media notifications.

I Don’t Want to Do That!

If you don’t feel like doing something, there are many other ways to express it. Harshness and strictness don’t play out well in the bedroom unless you are in a dom-sub scenario. Whatever the reason behind your negating may be, don’t ever let your woman feel like she’s just offended you with her proposition.

One Time, I Did This Thing….

Seriously? Let me tell you up straight, no one really cares what you did that ‘one time’, and especially not if there’s another girl featured in the story. Making comparisons or trying to replicate the kind of sex you had with someone else will likely offend the woman you’re with. Even more, it will definitely extinguish the sexiness out of the bedroom, too.

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