Rules of Flirting: 4 Tips to Consider When Flirting with an Leeds Escort!

Flirting is not a must in escort dating, however, for clients who like their leeds escort dates packed on enough intimacy and bonding, this is the kind of art you want to excel in.
Flirting takes many shapes and forms, and it really depends on everyone’s personal style to incorporate it accordingly. However, as with everything else, when it comes to flirting, there are general rules and tips that apply to both inexperienced and proficient flirters.

As escorts love their fair share of flirting as well, here are 4 tips to consider implementing on your next date.

A Sense of Humour will go a long way with Leeds Escort Date.

Cheesy as it may sound, having a strong - and benevolent - a sense of humour can have your escort cracking up and you. flirting indirectly, without even realizing it. Now, this does not mean arriving at your date ready with scripted jokes. Instead, let your natural and bright self come to light and joke around just enough to keep the conversation fun, engaging and dynamic.

No Pick up Lines

Much like prepared jokes, it would also be also tacky to approach your escort with an already prepared - and stolen, what’s worse - pick up line. Unfortunately, gone are the days when pick up lines were the thing, and with escorts, these are not even a must at all, original or not. As your escort date already agreed to meet you, it would be more proper to be welcoming and in your best mood, instead of bombarding her with phrases you learned on the internet.

Our Leeds Escort Love Details

Another great flirting tip is to pay attention to the details - be it something your escort said, did or mentioned. If you really want to make your escort feel heard, supported and valued - whilst giving off a flirty vibe at the same time - mention a cute detail you heard your escort speak of before and let her pick up the cue of you being attentive and eager to learn more about her.

Start on the Phone

If you are not as confident in your one-on-one dating game, start your escort bookings and flirting games on the phone. As a full service, phone calls give you the ultimate chance to be relaxed and flirt naturally with your escort, without having to sweat the experience in public. Once you get into the groove, however, you can take your flirting knowledge in public and see how much easier it is to practice what you preached on the phone.