7 Ways for Singles to Explore Sexuality!

What is sex if not a dance of pleasure and enjoyment? When was the last time you actually took the time to explore sex to its core? Are you single? No worries, erotic excitement is just around the corner and promises sexier times for all those who like to go the distance.

Don’t wonder how to make thrilling sex happen as a single, but trust these 7 fabulous tips to take you there.

Explore Sexuality: Try a random kiss!

Everyone deserves a random kiss in their life, right? If you’re heading to a

Party, pick out a (single!) girl from the crowd and give plain old kissing a go. The randomness of the act is erotically mind-blowing, so go for it!

Attend a sex party!

Even if not participating, being a voyeur at a sex party is a superb way to explore sexuality. From lesbian shows to orgies and swinger parties, take your sensual poison and drink up.

Explore Sexuality: Use a strap-on!

Being a guy means never having to wear a strap-on, right? While that might be true to some degree, what we are suggesting here is to have a one-night stand try a strap-on on you. Yes, I said it. Even if you don’t have a date, you can still enjoy the experience by booking a professional escort.

Go for a familiar hook-up!

If you have a close friend who’s also single for the celebrations, agree to have the last-day-of-the-year sex without having to deal with the consequences. If you do choose someone you know, like a neighbor or a colleague, please keep the deal as straightforward as possible.

Explore Sexuality: Take a bondage course!

Now, here is a fun and sexy activity you can enjoy on your own. Explore the possibilities of BDSM and bondage and sign up for classes. Not only will you learn how to get better control in sex, but you’ll also uncover a never-known-before liberation.

Sex on feelings!

As a single, I am not trying to freak you out with this one. But, having sex with all your emotions laid out on the table can be quite extraordinary. If you already have the hots for someone, there’s no time better than the present to let yourself go all the way.

Awardyourself a quick orgasm…at work!

Whenever you feel like you need to let go of the work tension, head to the bathroom for an orgasm quickie. Yes, it’s kinky and naughty. And yes, it is also sexy as hell.

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