5 Bedside Practices that are Ruining Your Sex Life!

There are those times when sex is superb and great, and then, there are times when things in bed just feel off.

Interestingly, many sex findings indicate that there are various bedside habits which can actually impact the quality of your sex life.

If you are not interested in spoiling the erotic vibe in bed, here are the 5 common practices to exclude from your sex life now!

1. No Initiative!

Now, this one goes for both men and women. Showing no initiative in bed can be a major fun-buster for your sexy adventures. The truth is, everyone appreciates when their partner or date show interest in having great sex and take the necessary steps to make it happen. At the end of the day, your initiative is what keeps your sex life lively and vibrant; without making that first move, things can get pretty boring, and pretty soon, too!

2. Body Image Worries

Whether you have gained a few pounds or simply don’t think of yourself as sexual enough, body image issues can largely hurt your sex life. Of course, we all feel insecure in our skin sometimes, especially when nude, but great sex is rarely about what you look like and more about how you approach sexual pleasure. And as loving yourself is key for having healthy sexual experiences, learn how to accept those quirks that make you uniquely you and shift your focus on pleasure and sensations only.

3. Defocused, Much?

Sharing a bed with someone has to be all about you and them but sometimes, we cannot help wander off amid all the fun. Now, if you want to fully devote your time and focus to sexual pleasure and satisfaction, keep your phone and other gadgets outside your bedroom and keep communicating with every move you make.

4. No Mind Readers Here!

Sex-wise, assuming that your partner or date should know what you want in bed is very unhealthy and impractical. As no one is a mind reader, the best way to get what you want in bed is to let the other person know what you want. In doing so, make sure you are encouraging and directive, instead of critical and displeased. 

5. Where’s the Noise?

Oftentimes, men tend to keep their vocal satisfaction locked up during sex and that is a pure shame. Moaning, groaning, panting, whispering and other sexy sounds make a crucial part in creating that sense of satisfaction and help give the other person a green light in everything she does. With that said, making too much noise is also a turn-off for many, so find a happy balance and let your sexy voice be heard! 

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