4 Escort Tips for a Masterclass Phone Call Date!

As a great addition to escort dating, phone call bookings are quite the beloved service among clients. Virtual escort dating has recently gained greater popularity than ever before, and for a reason. As a service, virtual dating allows you to communicate and keep in touch with your escort everywhere and for as long as you please. 

Perfect for the camera-shy clients who still want to make the most of virtual dating, phone calls can give your escort dates a whole new twist and quality. But, the real question here is, what makes a phone call date with an escort successful?

Worry not, we have the top 4 tips to give you a proper intro into sexy phone calls and quality escort dating.

1. The Mood

The way you initiate your phone call date say everything about your dating style. With no camera to emphasize your space, you will have to turn to a few other tricks to achieve the desired, sultry effect. Some of the things that can help you create the proper ambience include:

  • Playing soft music in the background
  • Speaking in a low and provocative voice
  • Asking the right questions
  • Creating a virtual persona for your date and doing some role-playing

2. The Right Mindset

Getting into the proper mood for your phone call escort date is essential to the way it will evolve. When thinking about getting yourself in the zone, think about:

  • Choosing the right words to express your mood
  • Preparing yourself to discuss fantasies and sexy scenarios
  • Getting undressed as the date continues (even if you are on the phone and no one can see you!)

3. Anticipation

As physical touch and closeness is not part of your phone call date, you will have to put in the effort in creating the suitable arousal.

From anticipation, tension, sexy provocation and making sultry promises, lighting that spark between you and your escort is just as important as maintaining it throughout your date.

4. Descriptions

Talking sexy over the phone might seem weird at first, as you basically have to explain every move, instruction, and emotion in detail.

But that’s good news as being descriptive on your date will help you get into the swings of things more easily. Some of the things you should describe more of include what you are wearing, the way you touch yourself, the way you want your date to touch herself. You got this.

As a bonus tip, relax and remember- you are here to have a blast and date outside the box!

Source: https://www.thecut.com/article/tips-for-how-to-have-phone-sex.html

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