6 Essentials for the Best First-Time Escort Date!

When it comes to escort dating, the lines of what goes or doesn’t might get blurry at times. In other words, clients are sometimes unsure as to what they can expect from their escort date, especially if it is their first booking. It is safe to say that every escort is different and unique in her skills and services. However, all high-class escorts are well aware of the etiquette that comes with dating a paying client but the question is, do you?

For all worrisome lads out there, who are about to embark on their first escort journey, here are 6 unspoken rules of dating a professional.

1. No social media

If there is one thing you can always expect of your escort, it is for her to keep your date’s discretion optimal. So no, you cannot add your escort date to your Facebook account and in that same manner, you cannot expect her to have you as a friend online.

2. Your relationship status

Here’s the thing. If you want to talk about your relationship, your escort is happy to hear you out. But, given that this is a private experience, you are not obliged to share that part of your life. After all, it is not your escort’s business who you hang out with, live with, or else. But, she’ll be here anyway, in case you need a shoulder to cry on. 

3. Money discussions

If there is one thing no escort will do is negotiate prices and fees. All clients are well aware of how much escort services cost and if not, they have a way of finding out. So, if your budget is too short to date an escort, leave the fantasy for better days.

Among the most relevant things to ensure your escort gives you is consent. Yes, you are paying for particular escort service but that does not mean you can do just about anything. When it comes to matters of the bedroom and intimacy, asking your escort for consent before freestyling it is essential. 

5. Overstaying the welcome

Look no client wants and escort hanging around long after the date is done, right? Well, in that same manner, escorts don’t appreciate clients who linger on after your time together is through. Take it from the knowers and leave when it’s time. Don’t forget to tip!

6. Offer Drugs or Stimulators

While an escort might have a drink or two with you, she won’t do anything else so don’t be pushy and persuade her to take Viagra or something illegal. Even if you are having a good time, keep in mind that escorts are forbidden from taking any substances or drink heavily, so be kind enough to respect this boundary. 

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