4 Effective Tips for Your First-Ever Escort Date!

Have you found the perfect escort date to spend a marvellous evening or afternoon with? If you never booked an escort date before, you have plenty to look forward to and learn!

Booking an escort date revolves around getting all-around pleasure from an exquisite female company and in a discreet setting.

But, when it comes to pulling the right strings, what is there to know about dating an escort?

For first-timer bookers, here is everything to know before you dive into a full-on escort experience.

1. Before Your Escort Arrives

Given that you make a private outcall (at your home or a hotel room) ensure your place is tidied up before your escort arrives. If dining at home; ensure you have a nice table set for your date and some soft music playing in the background.

Regarding the experience, the best way to learn about escorts is directly from them; so let your date take the lead. When it comes to bare necessities, your escort might need some time to shower; before or after your date, so have a clean towel ready for her.  

2. She’s Arrived!

When your escort arrives, greet her with a smile and try not to go overboard with either being reserved or too welcoming. Let her relax for a bit and initiate a conversation, or simply, give her a tour of the place.

Also, ensure your home or hotel room is a safe place with no interruptions. If at a hotel, place a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, and ideally, keep your phone turned off.

One of the most essential things to get done as soon as your date arrives is to pay her fee in full and set the money in an envelope at the nightstand.

3. Hygiene

Aside from your home or room, you will also have to ensure superb hygiene for yourself. Escorts don’t like it when clients can’t bother to take a shower or dress up for the date. However, when you are dolled-up, smelling of perfume and wearing your best underwear; your date will be more likely to explore your body and give you the pleasure you want.

Along with personal hygiene, don’t rely on your escort to bring protection or lubrication; so have both condoms and a bottle of lube ready to use.

4. Getting Started

When you get into your sexy game, try not to rush the action and take your time getting in the right mood.

Escorts need just as much pampering and foreplay as you do (if not more!), so if you want your share of pleasure; reciprocate and be open to please in return.

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