5 Sex Positions to Guarantee Your Woman an Orgasm!

Finding the ideal sex position might not be as big of a deal to men as it is to women. Women oftentimes need more time and their partner’s dedication in order to have an orgasm. However, just as important as technique and effort are so are sex positions. Namely, engaging in the right sex position can help women orgasm faster and will give you enough room to put your skills to work.

So, are you ready to become the master of your partner’s or date’s orgasm?

Try these 5 effective sex positions that will guarantee your woman a bombastic orgasm!

1. The Open-Legged Spoon Sex Positions!

Unlike spooning, open-legged spooning allows you to have better and more precise access to the clitoris. An easy position to do, open-legged spooning is great for both penetration and manual (or toy!) stimulation at the same time.

2. A 90-Degree Doggy-Style!

Alternating the traditional doggy style position can guarantee your woman a faster and more explosive orgasm. In the 90-degree doggy style, the woman lies on the mattress while your legs are between hers.  Her butt hangs off the edge of the bed while you are standing up or kneeling behind her and reaching all the right places!

3. Sex Positions Variation of the 69!

Not many women enjoy the 69 as it can get uncomfortable, but doing a variation of it can actually be great for mutual orgasms and comfort. Instead of keeping your woman on top, try doing the position while lying side by side, facing each other. This position is great for oral access and penetration too, so don’t always go with the 69 route alone.

4. Uplifting Missionary!

If you find missionary boring, you can alternate it to make it more enjoyable for yourself and your partner. Instead of you-on-top scenario, let the woman lift her hips in the air, while you both penetrate and stimulate her. In addition, with her hips in the air, you can use penetration to stimulate the G-spot and give your partner a new way to orgasm. 

5. The Lotus Sex Positions!

The Lotus is a great sex position if you want to help a woman orgasm faster and better. For the Lotus, the woman doesn’t have much control, so you dictate the thrusts and dynamics. Plus, the closeness of having your woman sitting in your lap is great for building the arousal and reaching all the important erogenous zones.

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