4 Facts about Sex Pleasure and Women You Should Know!

There is no denying that sexual pleasure doesn’t follow the same track in men and women. While men can experience an orgasm and sexual arousal much faster, for women, creating that build-up can take time. Becoming a great lover to your partner or date might require a bit more effort and engagement on your part. Nonetheless, once you hit the jackpot, seeing a woman reach the peak of her pleasure will contribute to your self-pleasure, too.

Without assuming you know every little thing about sex, here are 4 facts about women and sexual pleasure to consider.

1. The Clitoris is Like the Penis

Built of thousands of nerve endings that can heighten pleasure, the clitoris is not that different than the penis. One of the differences however is that the clitoris is much more sensitive than the penis, and I do mean a lot more sensitive. Because of that, you cannot stimulate the clitoris just like you do for your erection, and you shouldn’t. Instead of intense strokes, speed, and one-sided motion, when arousing the clitoris, try to be gentler, change the pace or mix several stimulation techniques at once.

2. More than the Clitoris

Women are well able to orgasm without stimulating the clitoris at all. However, as the clitoris is the most responsive part of a woman’s body, it would be good to focus on it and a few other body areas. From the nipples and thighs to the neck, back, and feet, women can experience arousal all over the body. Keep in mind that around 75 percent of women orgasm as a result of clitoral stimulation, but be creative enough to introduce other sources of pleasure as well. 

3. Rethink Oral Pleasure

The truth is, not all women enjoy clitoral stimulation or oral sex. If that is the case with your date or partner, you should focus on other techniques that will help her orgasm. The best way to learn what makes a woman orgasm is to ask for guidance and follow her lead. Sometimes, women enjoy self-stimulation better, and by solely watching a woman touch herself in front of you, you will learn a lot about her pleasure preferences.  

4. Forget the Tongue for a While

Although the tongue is one of the ‘culprits’ for sexual stimulation, you don’t always have to rely solely on it. If you want to please your woman in bed, aside from using your tongue, you should also consider other forms of stimulation. From sucking to nibbling and using sex toys, you are looking at a handful of stimulation techniques that can give women the orgasm they craved. 

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