Overcome Awkward Sex This New Year!

As much as we want to picture it otherwise, Overcome Awkward Sex This New Year!. Especially if you are having sex with someone for the first time, there are countless things that could go wrong. But above the issues lies good, no, great sex and it is waiting to be discovered.

Accepting we are all humans in the bedroom is important, so you can easily overcome the awkward moments during sex.

And as it is New Year’s, we thought a little guide on how to deal with uncomfortable sex moments is just what you need. Here are 4 of them.

Too Early to the Finish Line!

A dreaded moment for many men, premature ejaculation can really change the whole mood in bed. However, for ALL men, not lasting long in bed can happen more than once. Knowing it does happen to others is relieving and unless you are dealing with a medical issue, there are many ways to work on the issue. And, if nothing else, take this as your chance to go in for round 2 and leave a bigger impression.

Overcome Awkward Sex This New Year: Didn’t Shower!

Sex doesn’t always follow a schedule, so it can easily catch you off guard on more than one occasion. Of course, this means that you likely didn’t have time to shower. So, should you say ‘No’ to sex? Definitely not!

The best way to avoid the awkward is to ask your partner to shower together or carry washing wipes and deodorant if you are out and about.

Too Much Alcohol!

Partying and sex can be a pretty sweet combination…unless you go overboard. However, drinking a tad too much can happen, and it can also impact your ability to get an erection. To prevent this from happening, have yourself a few drinks, but never go overboard. The tipsy stage is much sexier than the rock-bottom-drunk stage, so don’t spoil good time with excessive liquor.

Overcome Awkward Sex This New Year: A Ripped Condom!

As much as you try to be careful, it is typical for condoms to break or pop. However, if you feel like your condom broke in the midst of sex, shyness should be the last thing on your mind. Instead, you should make sure all condom pieces are out and excuse yourself to your partner. Try to not be apologetic, as simply, it is not really your fault. Last but not least, while more expensive, don’t be hesitant to go for the pricier brands of condoms.

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