Naughty Games This Christmas!

If you want to make this festive season even more exhilarating, here are 6 sexy games to help you add naughty games this christmas

Marathon Sex

Marathon sex might be for those with the greatest stamina, but you can pull it off as well, by making it last throughout the day. This means you get to have sex for the day whenever, wherever and however you want, as if on cue.

Naughty Games This Christmas: Never Have I Ever!

A fun way to get into the steamy Christmas spirit is to play a few rounds of ‘Never Have a Ever’. This time around, let the statements refer to sexy scenarios and give you room for exploration. If someone has done the mentioned scenario, they have to take a piece of clothing off, whereas if you haven’t, there’s no better time than the present.

Naughty Dices

Easily to find at adult stores, a sexy dice set can really get you going in bed. The rules are simple- each partner takes its turn to roll the dices, with the other standing ready to fulfill whichever fantasy the dices roll. If you feel like you want to expand beyond what the dices have to offer, create your own DIY dices and let the sexy times roll!

Naughty Games This Christmas: The Guessing Game!

This is how the game goes. One partner is nude in bed, while the other is standing at the doorframe. The person in the bed asks a question which the other can guess. If the guess is right, the person at the door can come one step closer. If they give the wrong answer, they will have to take a step back. To prevent playing the game forever, allow yourselves 10-15 questions only.

Film It

How would you make love to someone if the world was watching? One easy way to find out is to film yourself on camera and allow the adrenaline to bring the best bedroom performance out of you. At the same time, if you want to get out there for real, join an online swingers platform and do a live show for the audience, as they will for you.

Naughty Games This Christmas: Orgasm Race!

If you are the competitive type, this sexy game will get you in the right mood. There are no particular rules to follow, except that you have to beat your partner at orgasming. Whether this means you’ll focus more on your partner or vice versa- that’s for you to decide.


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