How to Flirt with Your Escort Date?

Although it doesn’t get as much attention as it needs to, flirting is an essential part of escort dating. Intended as a tool to help you get more playful with your escort and release the tension on your date; flirting is an art not all clients have mastered.  

Are your flirting skills in need of a reboot?  

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you become a master flirter with your escort date!  

1. Eye Contact First 

All great flirting techniques begin with maintaining proper eye contact. Intimate and personal, eye contact shows your escort that you are interested in her and what she has to say. And as important as eye contact is, you don’t want to play the staring game or overdo it; so lock your eyes every once in a while, followed by your flashing smile! 

2. Wink 

It might seem like a ridiculous thing to do, but winking is a great move when you want to tease discreetly. This naughty little gesture seems innocent but almost always sends the right message to your date- you want to get playful and keep the flirty connection strong.  

3. Touch  

All escorts rely on touch to engage with their clients and make your date more profound. Touch can take many shapes and forms and can be as discreet or as open as you want. However, if at a dinner date or out and about, it is important you keep your touches significant yet discreet. A tap on the shoulder, a caress on the nape of her neck; a hold of hands or a simple hug- the more sensual and elaborate your touch is, the better response you’ll get from your escort.  

4. A Massage 

Intended as foreplay or just a token of appreciation, a sensual massage can really make your escort date feel extra special. Of course, most clients are used to be the ones getting all delightful massages; but if you care to flirt properly and send the right signals, consider returning the favour every now and then.  

5. Compliments 

When your body language doesn’t suffice, turn to compliments for help. There is no woman who doesn’t love compliments and that includes escorts, too. Plus, with a hot escort babe by your side, you’ll have plenty of things to compliment her on- from her looks and brains; to the way she speaks, smells and laughs. Don’t save your praise for a different occasion but be bold with your words and get flirting!