Escorts Reveal: 4 Sex Fantasies Clients Request the Most!

Escort dating brings along a wide range of sexy services to use. Aside from intimate outcalls and the GFE, some clients oftentimes are eager to fulfil a fantasy or two when dating an escort. As it turns out, clients have a few favourite fantasies they’d like fulfilled. And, as some escorts offer more specialized services than others-and depending on your idea of pleasure- let’s talk about the 4 most common escort fantasies clients ask for.  


A well-known fantasy among escort clients are BDSM scenarios and for a good reason. BDSM play makes a kinky playground of options intended for both beginners and experienced lovers. For instance, BDSM can be anything from bondage to role-playing, and can even require a Sub-Dom scenario. Luckily, escorts are well able to indulge this fantasy, and, invite you to partake in the fun. If a BDSM fetish is on your mind, do proper research to find the most suitable escort for you.  

Escort Threesomes 

Also known as two-girl fantasy experiences, threesomes with two gorgeous escorts sounds like a sexy dream come true. Bisexual escorts are no news to the world of professional dating, and what’s more; all bisexual escorts know how to put on a show for clients. If you feel like being worshipped, impressed or pampered all night long, why not double that pleasure and ask for one of clients’ zestiest services- a two-girl escort date?  


Just like the other two, role-playing also makes a favourite among clients who book escorts for intimate reasons. Role-play scenarios can vary in intensity, depending on what you like; but most of the time, clients aim for the ‘traditional’ route: a doctor-patient scenario or a teacher-student fantasy. Whatever the case may be, discuss your fetish with an escort and see which idea meets you two in the middle- then, onto partying it is.  

Couple Threesomes 

Unlike two-girl escort experience, escort threesomes with couples are a whole new dynamic to behold. That said, some escorts are happy to party together with a couple and love hanging out with both partners equally. If you have a partner who likes to explore sensual options without jeopardizing your relationship- a couple’s escort date will serve you just fine. On top of everything, escorts are both casual and professional; so you can switch between different couple escorts and still get the same discretion and service in return.