12 Fascinating Facts about Sex You Didn’t Know (vol.2)

The world of sex is oftentimes shadowed by a certain stigma or lack of knowledge. For years back, people were convinced they knew everything there is to learn about sex. However, that is one of the reasons sex is frequently misunderstood or misinterpreted.

There’s no denying that great sex is all about letting go off boundaries, learning and understanding the philosophy behind it. But, what is it that we are missing here?

Here are 6 more intriguing Fascinating Facts about Sex that you might have gotten wrong…until now.

Big Penises Don’t Overstretch the Vagina!

Someone once noted that big penises or a more intense penetration can tire out a vagina, and everyone else just agreed. However, this statement cannot be further from the truth. The vagina is built mostly of muscles, which adjust to different sizes and thickness, but will never overstretch in return.

The flexibility of the vagina is remarkable, to say the least, but what’s greater is its power to go back to its original shape. So, yes, let’s consider this myth debunked.

Fascinating Facts about Sex : The G-Spot is Not Definite!

There is plenty of talk surrounding the G-Spot, especially when it comes to finding it. But, rather than a definitive spot, the G-spot is merely an area inside the vagina responding to erotic stimulation. Because of that, no two women will have their G-spot in the same place, nor will they respond to stimulating it the same way.

Hardness Beats Length!

One of the greatest sexual struggles in men is penis size. This is a fairly ridiculous concept to consider, given that when it comes to penises, girth plays a bigger role than actual size. Namely, the vagina has plenty of stretch mechanoreceptors, which are easier to stimulate via thickness rather than length.

Fascinating Facts About Sex: No Ejaculation Orgasms!

Yes, it’s possible! Men are more than capable of orgasming without ejaculating, but the two happen simultaneously because…well, that’s how men learned orgasms happen. Interestingly, orgasms don’t have to do with ejaculation at all, so if you’re into tantric sex, you can give this sexy kink a try!

Vibrators Were Initially a Medical Tool!

Vibrators were first developed in 1869 when they served as a treatment to female ‘hysteria’. Not even a hundred years later, both doctors and patients discovered that vibrators have a whole different purpose as well. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with ‘treating’ hysteria.

Breakup Sex Can be beneficial!

Well, sometimes. Hooking up with an ex sounds like a dreadful idea, but one study found that breakup sex doesn’t have to mean going back into the relationship. In fact, sex with your ex is not always about the emotional, but rather the physical pleasure you get out of it.

Source: https://www.thehealthy.com/sex/sex-facts-you-didnt-know/

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