12 Fascinating Facts about Sex You Didn’t Know (vol.1)

One of the most intriguing things about sex is that it is a never-ending well of Fascinating Facts about Sex. With great knowledge comes great power and understanding, and the same is true of sex. Just think about it for a second.

Twenty years ago, sex was this mysterious, unspoken of activity that everyone secretly wanted to know more about. Today, sex is considered a great field of exploration, and still manages to teach us a thing or two about our bedroom affairs.

Shedding some light on the topic, here are 12 less known sex facts we could all learn from.

10 Percent of Our Dreams are Sex-Related!

While you might not be thinking about sex rationally, your dreams leave plenty of room for raunchiness. As per studies, 10 percent of our dreams are designated to sexual activities in both men and women. Sex dreams are not only more common than you think. As a matter of fact, they are a normal happening that allows the body and mind to naturally release a certain sexual tension or desire.

Fascinating Facts about Sex You: Women Also Have Erections!

One of the biggest misconceptions about sex is that only men get erections. Typically, most women are capable of getting erections as well, usually through the clitoris. Ultimately, it all has to do with pleasure- the bigger it is, the more engorged the clitoris and therefore, the erection.

Some People Have No Sexual Fantasies!

According to sex research, 3 percent of people have never had a sexual fantasy, but hate to admit it. Whether it is an emotional factor or just lack of good sex, this occurrence is not something to dread over, but rather work on making it happen.

Fascinating Facts about Sex You: Sex Helps Relieve Headaches !

The headache excuse is a great example of how not to treat sex. As per studies, having sex with a headache can increase sexual arousal and trigger the brain to produce relief hormones. In fact, the very same chemical which causes your headaches is also responsible for creating sexual excitement.

Clitoris Size

An endless topic of discussion, the clitoris is much bigger than you think. In fact, the clitoris engorges when aroused, and no two women share the same size. Simply, the clitoris to women is what penises are for men- we all have them, none of them look alike, and they all change sizes depending on our sexual exhilaration.

Wearing Socks Helps You Orgasm

Sexy lingerie aside, socks represent one of the most sexually effective pieces of clothing. Socks are great as they maintain the body temperature regulated during sex. The warm and fuzzy feeling of wearing socks during sex helps the body relax and ease into the erotic motion, which most times results in body-shivering orgasm.

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