How to Nail the Perfect Dinner Date with an Escort?

Inviting a VIP escort to dinner is the perfect way to break the ice, get to know one another, and leave room for more services to follow. Most clients will date escorts over dinner just because they like the service. But, for many others, dinner dates are the perfect occasion to learn more about escorting and expand their horizons. Aside from your manners around your escort, dinner dates are also important to orchestrate in terms of comfort, convenience, and class. To set you on the right path, here are some things to know on how to organize the best escort dinner date yet.

1. Go a Level Up

Dinner dates usually take place at restaurants. Whilst no restaurant is off limit, when meeting an escort, you always want to take the classic route. Choosing a nice and elegant restaurant that comes well recommended is a must. If you are new in town and don’t know your options, it’s always recommended you consult your escort date or escort agency for recommendations and suggestions. Of course, as you will be the one paying for dinner, you should also choose the restaurant based on your budget.

2. Ask for a Private Spot

Classy restaurants are the ideal option for your escort date as they always have a VIP lounge to book. If you want more privacy and intimacy when dining with your escort, ask the restaurant to book you a more secluded or private table, possibly on a balcony or a cozy little corner. This way, your date will be uninterrupted and you can dedicate all of your time and attention to your date only.

3. Be Nice to the Staff

Although it goes without saying, being nice and polite to the restaurant staff will earn you bonus points with the staff and your escort. Avoid being impatient, losing your cool, or demanding the impossible. As a plus, you can and should tip the waiter serving you, thus earning yourself appreciation from both the restaurant and your date.

4. Refrain from Physical Contact

This goes for your client-escort dynamic during your dinner date. Greeting your escort is best done with a discrete hug or even a handshake. If you care to protect your privacy and discretion even further, avoid any form of physical contact whilst at dinner. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to get touchy-feely when alone.