Conversation Topics to Consider on an Escort Date!

Dating an escort is one thing, but being able to keep up a conversation with her is a true art and skill. Sure, every client can pay attention to the passion, intimacy and bonding, but when it comes to chatting, many clients find themselves at a crossroad. In escort dating, not many clients come armed with conversation topics to discuss during their date. Conversations and communication make two of the most elemental aspects of a successful date with a top-notch escort. However, if you’re missing a skill or two, here are some tips to get the conversation flow going.


One of the best conversation starters is discussing favourites. These can vary from favourite movies and books to favourite places to travel to, eat, do and more. As your escort and yourself likely have a few favourites to mention, this can be a superb occasion to get deeper into knowing each other from a different angle.

The Basics about Yourself

Escorts and clients are notoriously known for wanting to keep their privacy safe. And whilst that’s a necessity, it does not mean you can’t discuss certain things about your private lives. For example, you can discuss your job and the things you like or dislike about it. You can also share details about your daily hobbies, activities or simply take your escort through a ‘day in the life of’!


When booking an escort out for a date, it is quite alright to discuss your expectations for that date. This makes a great ice breaker for your date ahead and clears the air in case you and your escort have certain likes or fantasies you want discussed ahead of time.


Whilst talking about your joint expectations from the date, you should also talk about boundaries. This way, you and your escort can be on the same page about what goes and doesn’t for your date, which will ultimately earn you a more satisfying experience.


Alas, once the boundaries and expectations have been discussed, you can also share your fantasies with your escort. Once you do, your escort will have an idea of what you were hoping to get out of the date, and can therefore, customize the service to provide you with a more tailored experience.

Anything Date-related

Finally, if you have any questions regarding your date, the booking process and the services your escort offers, you can make your date the topic of conversation. Asking questions and clarifying escort myths will help you learn more about the experience and help you relax and ease into it more efficiently.