Escort Dating 101: 5 Winter Sex Tips to Keep Your Sex Life Active!

This winter season, get ready to revamp your dating and sex life like never before! If you have never booked an escort experience before, you have plenty of excitement to look forward to. Wintertime is the perfect season to slow down, wind down and stay in with your favourite escort date!

Are you looking to turn your intimate life into an action-packed experience? Enjoy the bliss of escort dating in the comfort of your own home, and rely on these 5 sultry winter tips to get you to that steamy, cosy spot!

1. Keep Your Socks on

You may be wondering what your socks have to do with the quality of your sex life and the answer is- a lot! The science of sex explains that, during the chilly seasons, your socks help regulate your body temperature which then keeps your blood flow optimal. As a result, you can expect better erections and therefore, stronger orgasms. 

2. Hot Tea for Hot Sex

Drinking a cup of hot tea before having sex will be highly beneficial to your performance. Tea not only helps the body muscles relax it is also great as a pre-oral sex preparation. As sex experts explain it, swooshing a sip of hot tea before going ‘down under’ will create a warm and stimulating sensation for your escort and accelerate her orgasm. And then, it’s your turn.

3. Peppermint is the Real Deal

Available both in a tea variant and as mints, peppermint is a great stimulant for your sexy winter adventures. Peppermint offers a satisfying cooling effect that encourages the arousal and provides a tingling sensation you won’t get enough of. If you opt for peppermint tea, you can use it as explained above, or, you can go for peppermint mints and incorporate them as part of your foreplay.

4. Open Your Blinds

Nothing better than getting sexy between the sheets with the curtains wide open, right? If you like exposure-play with a nice view of a rainy or snowy day, this little blinds trick will give you the best of both worlds. Got nothing to do on a lazy weekend? Take off your clothes, pull the curtains open and engage in some overdue touchy-feely action!

5. Spooning

For all it’s worth, there are a number of spooning sex positions that make the ideal choice for your bedroom adventures. Being in the nude, coming closer together and hugging it out while getting your sexy on is the perfect combination of sensations to treat yourself with. Depending on how ‘spoony’ you want to get, pick a position that works well for you and your escort date and cosy your way to great sex!


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