What Happens after You Meet an Escort: Rules and Tips!

Meeting an escort can be an exhilarating experience for many clients. Of course, one of the key things to meeting an escort for a date; especially if it is your first time, is to break the ice the right way. Making introductions with your escort is one thing; but pulling all the right strings as your date evolves is what will get you the utmost quality of the experience.

Below; we introduce the steps that follow meeting an escort and the tips that will help clients to have a more spontaneous and enjoyable experience.

Your Escort Has Arrived

Whether you meet at a function, a hotel room or your home; before your escort arrives at the booking, she will let you know. This gives you a few minutes to prepare yourself for the encounter and if relaxed; it will all go as smooth as butter on hot bread. Initially, no matter where you meet up, offering refreshments to your escort date is a nice introduction and a great chance to talk for a while before proceeding with the rest of your arrangement.

Spending Time with an Escort

To make the most of your time with an elite escort, a client has to leave the nerves to the side and make room for fun and dynamics. An escort will always have her client’s best interests in mind and will put his pleasure first; which adds more essence to the date and works great for clients who have special requests or services they want to use. In your escort’s company; it is ideal that you are open-minded, relaxed and ready to have a great time; and if all three are covered, your escort will always meet you halfway.

Ending a Date with an Elite Escort

When ending an escort date; it is always nice to end things on a good note, without making promises of another date - just because you can say it. An escort will typically figure out her own way back home or will have a driver waiting to take her home. If that is not the case; as a client, it is recommended you call her a taxi, but also, avoid offering to take her home, as your escort will refuse. Tipping is also done once the date ends, with the cash stored where your escort can find it.