Victoria Secrets

Victoria Secrets

Leeds VIP is excited for you to meet the real escort behind the photos this is her own personal blog where your discover all of Victoria Secrets!

Hi, I'm Victoria I am so pleased you are having a look at my profile; you must be looking for some entertainment!?

Why don’t I tell you a little about myself; before you pick up the phone and book a date with me! just think I could be with you within the next hour!

I have worked as an escort in Leeds for many years and the reason is simple - I love my work! It gives me opportunity to show of my cheeky and naughty side.

I have met with so many lovely clients, like you and we always have so much fun together. I like to turn up for my date in one of my sexy dresses; that covers my black lacy underwear and stockings. I don’t stay dressed like that for too long; Then I slip into one of my many outfits that show of my lovely firm toned butt and breasts.

You'll also enjoy my gorgeous silky soft skin pressed against yours, don’t just take my word for it; come and find out for yourself, I know you will agree!

Find Out What Really Turns Me On!

My bag is always stocked full of goodies - you certainly won’t be bored in my company.

Our date together is not just about how good I look though; it’s about making you feel good and believe me, I have a skill for that.

Many of my clients enjoy it when I show of some of my lap dancing skills; and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. Maybe a massage is in order; I carry some lovely oils with me and combined with my touch mmmmmm it will feel amazing.

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