The Hot Basics of Booking a Two-Girl Fantasy!

Usually, two is a company, and three is a crowd, but not when it comes to quality escort dating. As a popular, invigorating, and versatile service, a two-girl fantasy is every client’s secret fantasy. What’s not to love anyway?

With not one but two stunning escorts by your side (or in your bed!); a bisexual escort date will have you spending the time of your life!

Want to nail your very first two-girl fantasy?

Here are some basic two-on-one date tips to follow!

No Two-Girl Fantasy will be the Same!

So think well about the types of escort you want to date. Blondes, ebonies, brunettes, teens: they all have something sexy to bring to the table! But, at the same time; no escort is the same nor parties the same, nor connects with another escort the same. At the end of the day; that is a great thing to keep in mind and means all the more versatility when booking your date.

Don’t know where to start? Ask your escort agency about the best two-girl fantasy date pairings, and build your experience from there. 


Typically, a two-girl fantasy has to come with some pre-established boundaries. For instance, you want to think about consent in all you do; and you want to make the experience enjoyable for all parties involved. In addition, you want to let your ladies lead the first time around; so you don’t get lost in the sea of possibilities.

Other boundaries can be discussed with your chosen escorts, so be sure to listen, take notes, and let your date evolve on its own. 

Refrain from Drinking!

Yes, you have two gorgeous women waiting to play with you, but that doesn’t mean you should play too hard. That said, avoid drinking too much alcohol before your date; as it can spoil the fun and spontaneity of your date, and make you cranky or moody.

Being Open-Minded!

Bisexual escorts know how to impress a client in the bedroom so let yourself explore every aspect of this pleasure. As professionals, and discreet company while at it; your two dates will be happy to show you the ins and outs of a quality threesome- so don’t hesitate to soak in the knowledge and enjoy the ride!

Equal Attention!

If you decide to lead your bisexual escort date, make sure both ladies get enough attention from you. On occasions, you can sit back and enjoy a girl-on-girl show; but when you are taking part in the activities, be compromising and avoid leaving someone out of the party.


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