5 Types of Sex Toys, and How to Choose the Best One for You!

How keen are you on using sex toys? As a superb bedroom asset, sex toys can magnify your overall pleasure, boost arousal and give you those dreamy orgasms you’ve been craving for. Now, with so many sex toys available nowadays, it might be confusing to determine the most suitable ones for you.

But, did you know there are actually more than a dozen different types of sex toys to choose from?

Depending on how intense you want your sex life to be, here are 5 types of sex toys that will buy you a one-way ticket to utter erotic satisfaction!

1. Wand Vibrators

Vibrators are among the most popular sex toys today and come in all shapes, sizes and intensity levels. Wand vibrators are perfectly suited for men and women and serve to boost sensation play and can be used externally and all over the body. 

2. Suction Toys

To women, suction sex toys help stimulate the clitoris and guarantee a mind-blowing orgasm. For men, suction toys can be used as a way to arouse the nipples, lips or other pressure-loving erogenous zones, such as the tip of your penis. Enjoy a whole new level of sensation play!

3. Dildos

Dildos mainly serve the purpose of penetration and can come in various lengths and girths. That said, you can use them individually or with a partner and can choose a smaller or larger toy to play with, depending on your personal boundaries. If you are looking to use a dildo in a different way, consider experimenting with a strap-on. 

4. Plugs

Again, there are many types of plugs to experiment with, most of which serve for anal play. Typically, plugs are used as a fixated toy and unlike dildos, they are not intended for penetration but to provide a sense of fullness. Whenever and if using a plug, remember that using lubricant generously is the way to go.

5. G-Spot Toys

Slightly curved and positioned to provide the right kind of stimulation, G-spot toys are mainly intended for the ladies. However, a man has to know his way around a sex toy, and G-spot accessories allow you easy handling and allow you to award your date with a sublime orgasmic pleasure-wave.

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