7 Raunchy Sex Games to Spice up Your Halloween!

This Halloween, part ways with sex as a routine and indulge into some seriously steamy bedroom scenarios! I know what you are thinking – oh if there could only be a way to bring sexy back into the spotlight. If I’m guessing right, don’t dive into the blues just yet, as this year around, Halloween is hotter, sexier and more provocative than ever!

Playing a daring Halloween sex games is a great idea to turn up your bedroom life. For that reason, we’d like to urge you to set sails on your revamped sex life by trying these 7 fiery bedroom games!

A Mirror Affair - Halloween Sex Game!

As simple as it sounds, a mirror can have a great impact on your sexual foreplay. Find a large mirror in your house, take off all your clothes and get to know your partner’s body a bit better! Trusting the power of touch versus watching it all happen in the mirror is an exhilarating way to explore the layers of intimacy and teasing.

A Private Show

Don’t underestimate the effect of a great lap dance and ask your partner or date to seduce you with the power of body movement. The clothes slowly coming off, the tension blossoming in the air, the unspoken flirt that fills the room….khm, you know what I’m talking about.

On Record - Halloween Sex Game!

Have your cake and film it, too! There is something so forbidden about cameras that adds lust and chemistry, makes you act all primal and allows you to show off a bit, too. With consent from your date or partner, you can get into the sexiest Halloween dress-up games, and have it all filmed on camera, thus creating your own memory lane material!

In and Out

For this Halloween sex games, you will need to set an alarm with at least 2 minutes of snooze. Once the alarm goes off, you can go for penetration, stopping yourself as soon as the first snooze kicks in. The putting in and taking out will prolong your orgasm, but will also make it more explosive and lasting. With your partner, you can do the same, engaging into time-controlled orgasm play.

Naked Poker - Halloween Sex Game!

Gear up for this hot session of undressing, teasing each other and playing your cards right? Naked poker is simple – you play game as per regular and take off one piece of clothing when you lose. But, other than being simple, a good chase never goes unnoticed and it will definitely put you into a competitive mood!

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