Amber, 30

Sexy Leggy Mixed Race

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Eye ColourBrown
Dress Size8/10
NationalityBritish Born Mixed Jamaica English


Mon 6th
Tue 7th
Wed 8th
Thu 9th
Fri 10th
Sat 11th
Sun 12th


1 Hour £150
1.5 Hours £220
2 Hours £280
Dinner Date £400
3 Hours £410
4 Hours £540
5 Hours £670
Overnight 10 Hours £900
Overnight 12 Hours £1200

Note: We charge an additional £50 for an escort to visit couples.


Amber's Biography

Sexy Leggy Mixed-Race Leeds Outcall Escort Amber

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the new kitten in town?

Let's hear it for Amber! This mixed-race babe definitely who would earn the leading role in Amber and The Chocolate Factory,' exudes sexuality and charisma. Due to her well-combined Puerto Rican and British genes, this doll-like escort is bound to knock you out of the park at first glance. The sugary Amber is just as young in spirit as she is in playfulness and kindness. With her 30 years of gorgeousness, Amber is ready to take you in the world of lust, companionship and true beauty. Amber's luscious lips and bright brown eyes complement her personality well. The same is true of her wild locks, spiralling out of control with the same naughtiness as hers.

Here at the Leeds Escort Agency, we give two thumbs up for smooth, silky, shiny skin. While on the subject, Amber's body is made for someone to touch it and experience it. She will whisper in your ear, making indecent comments at the same time. Hey, if this does not roll your boat, hardly anything will, a woman in the peak of her will for intimacy, offers you a chance to join her on her mission to kindness, exceptional behaviour, fantasy land and secret desires. It is just about time to begin experimenting your deepest voices and escort such as Amber can comfort you enough to do it. Have you ever been spoilt? Now, this is a real treat.

Our Leeds Escort Agency makes sure that you get pampered like never before. To say Amber's appeal will take you there is not doing Amber any justice. Think about it, this girl holds the key to your secret inhibitions and possible show of affection. If so, what have you been waiting so far? Friendly and always polite, Amber can tear your worries apart and allow something beautiful to grow.

Do not get carried away! Amber hides a passionate lioness within her soul, and if you are lucky enough to meet her, you might just find out what that feels like. Truth be told, we cannot urge you enough to do it!

Caught somewhere between a mature and a young woman, Amber shows both flare and sassiness in her demeanour. At times, she is not the most talkative kind, which means an even better time for you! Even more, she always has her phone close, in case she wants to call up a girlfriend to visit. Now, here you have angelic Amber and her best friend, isn't that a sight to look forward to. Candice may be very well called the postwoman because why? Because she always delivers.

Our clients and customers fall for Amber hard. If you are wondering why it is due to the fact that this fiery girl knows her ways around a man¦and a woman. With dozens of impressive reviews, Amber's energy is truly mind-blowing.

Where can one find a girl like Amber? Well, how about you give the Leeds Escort Agency the opportunity to show you around and get you acquainted with some of the world's finest? In case you have not felt the thrill of an escort, be sure you are missing out. What we can promise you from now on is a discrete, fabulous, extravagant chance to give yourself a little break from the world. Hey, when you feel good, you do good, right? Finally, trust us as an escort agency and trust our spectacular escorts to do a job right.