Why I Enjoy Being A Leeds Escort!

Why Abbey enjoys being a Leeds Escort!

Many people ask me why I enjoy being an Leeds escort.  There are many reasons why I love my job.  Surprisingly, there are very few things I dislike about it.  You could say I’m a workaholic.  I’m someone that loves to work and I enjoy my profession.  I can’t believe that I ever gave escorting a second thought.  To me, it’s the best job ever.  I love being the center of attention and my clients are great.  I’m not shy or ashamed about what I do.  I’m a very sexual person and I love making money at it.  Pleasure is my business and business is very good right now.

I love excitement.  Plain and simple.  I’ve always been someone that likes to have fun in the bedroom.  You could say I was an early bloomer.  I started enjoying myself and have been ever since.  I’m the type of person that treats herself at least once a day.  I’m a open minded I’ll always will be, I enjoy couple dating and love it when i share the experiences with new couples.   There’s no reason to deny it or pretend that I’m not. Escorting is a wonderful and beautiful thing.  I enjoy making sure my customers are satisfied.

Meet New People As A Leeds Escort!

I’m a people person.  I like meeting new people and seeing what they’re all about.  Quite a few of my clients are regulars.  I have a steady group of men that always look me up when their in need of some satisfaction.  I also get new clients from time to time.  I enjoy meeting and getting to know people.  I’m not someone that you just have some fun in the sack with.  I’m the type of escort that likes to talk and to get to know a client.  I really think this is why I have so many repeat customers.  They know that for me it’s so much more than just the money.  I care about them as an individual and I want to know what’s going on in their life.  To me I am part of their life and that’s the way I approach every customer.

Earn More!

The money is good here at Escort Centre VIP.  What can I say?  I have to pay bills like everyone else; work to support myself and there’s no shame in that.  I don’t have to rely on anyone to take care of my bills.  I’m 100% self-reliant and I’m proud of it.  I know women who have to beg their husband for just a few crumbs to pay the bills.  I’m not that kind of woman and I never will be.  I make a good living and I’m enjoying my life right now.  Will I be an escort forever?  Probably not.  I’m saving up my money and to enjoy the finer things in life!

I have no regrets as to my profession.  I love it and my customers.  I only wish I would have taken the plunge and started sooner.  I hear that all the time when I talk to other escorts.  It’s a great line of work and you get to meet plenty of really amazing people.  It’s the job opportunity of a lifetime and I plan on making the most of it.