First Time With A Couples Escort?

You and your wife or girlfriend have been talking about hiring an couples escorts.  It’s something that both of you have been fantasizing about.  Couples do hire escorts and they have a real good time.  Here at Leeds VIP we’re going to give you some tips to make sure that your experience is one neither of you will forget.  A husband and wife hiring an escort isn’t as uncommon as you may think.  In fact, it’s actually quite common.  An escort gives a couple the ability to explore their sexuality without any strings attached.

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is ask your wife or girlfriend what kind of experience she’s looking for.  Does she want to have any sort of lesbian fun with the escort?  If so, then you’re going to have to be upfront with the escort and ask if she does this sort of thing.  Not all escorts are bisexual and some will refuse to even touch another woman.  Such information can sometimes be found in an escort’s profile.  Ask before making an appointment to make sure your escort is okay with it.  Finding an escort that will service your woman won’t be a problem.  Though, you may find escorts that will pass on it.  Don’t be surprised if you come across an escort or two that will only service male clients.

Our Guild To Couples Escorts!

Make sure to schedule enough time for both you and your woman.  A quick romp with just you and an escort isn’t what you’re looking for.  Having a threesome with an escort will take much more time than just a quickie.  Keep this in mind when you’re setting up the encounter.  Giving yourself at least an hour or two is a great idea.  While the best way to do it would be to get an escort for an entire evening.  Yes, this can be a bit pricey and it won’t be cheap.  A few minutes won’t do it for both you and your woman.  This is why you’re going to need a little more time.  Remember it takes a woman quite a bit more time than a man to get her motor purring.

First time experiences can be a little rocky.  Don’t be alarmed if things get a little awkward.  Your wife may feel uneasy about being with another woman.  This is true even for women that have had this fantasy their entire life.  This is another reason why it’s best not to be in a hurry.  Things can get uncomfortable when people are trying to rush things like this.  Let everything come together naturally.  Allow enough time for everyone to get comfortable.  By doing so you’ll ensure that the experience will be a pleasurable one.

Expect the Unexected with our Experience!

Wives and girlfriends can be adventurous people in the bedroom.  Threesomes with an escort happen often and can be quite enjoyable.  Always remember special woman in your life the opportunity to have her fun. Something to keep in the back of your mind if things go an unexpected route.  The most important thing is to relax and understand if there’s a few uncomfortable moments.  The time will pass and things will heat up on their own.  Don’t force things and let them come to you.  Eventually everything will smooth out and both of you will enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

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