Ways to Spice up Your Long-Distance Escort Date

Long-distance relationships with an escort are not only possible but a lot of fun to do, too. Here are some of the best ways to make a long-distance booking with an escort even more special.

Send Her a Gift

Just-because gifts to your escort, tiny as they may be, will do the trick to zest up your virtual bond. If you know your escort already and know she likes gifts and accepts them, gets her something she wouldn't mind like a box of chocolates, flowers, a coupon, or whatever you think will work the best. If you are meeting a long-distance escort for the first or second time, and have not gifted her before, it's smart to ask her if she's comfortable with a gift first.

From Phone to Camera

Clients who want to keep in touch with their escorts long-distance often opt for the phone call service, since it is both practical and more affordable. Still, when the phone service gets repetitive after a while, you can always move on to the next level - a webcam date. Unlike the phone where you get a voice and/or a text, a webcam escort date gives you a visual which makes your long-distance appointment more fulfilling.

The Virtual GFE

Although not technically a service in itself, the GFE in real-life is an existing service, and so, it can be adapted to a virtual version. What that means is that you can book a virtual GFE date with an escort and enjoy proper communication and bonding with a girlfriend. Texting during the day, making each other feel special and good…all those sweet things about a relationship will transfer to your virtual booking and make it a brilliant one.

Meet Me Halfway

If you wish to maintain a long-distance relationship with an escort but also give something extra to the experience, you can book an occasional trip for two in a neutral location. Ideally, you want to choose an in-the-middle location where both of you can arrive shortly and spend a few days together. This is a great way to nurture the bond with your escort and keep you entertained at the same time.

Dirty Talk

Long-distance relationships, common or with an escort, will depend on some raunchiness and sass, so dirty talking can work in your favour here. If you are not an expert in dirty talking, you can check our blog to learn more, and get the best tips to impress your escort.


And like dirty talk, sex toys - cybersex toys to be exact - are a great way to introduce variety to your long-distance date. If it is with an escort, consult her on what she'd be comfortable with or better yet, shop together online and make it a part of your experience.